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November 16-19

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Technical Sessions

About the Congress

XIII "Oil and Gas Horizons” is the annual Youth Scientific and Practical Congress created for students, young professionals, and even pupils by Gubkin SPE SC. The official language of the Congress is English.

In 2020, 128 students from 15 countries and 43 universities became participants and volunteers of the Congress. We provide participants and delegates of the Congress with food, accommodation, and transfer. Guests of the Congress pay for everything themselves.

During three days you will be able not only to discuss the future of our industry with your peers and senior experts but also:
• present your scientific paper at Technical Sessions;
• grow your network by meeting people from different countries with different backgrounds;

"Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas industry" will become the main theme of the 2021 Congress and will drive diverse discussions around it involving students, young professionals, and leading experts.
The scientific papers of the participants do not necessarily have to be on the main theme of the Congress

Today petroleum industry is undergoing major transformations and facing new challenges. What will be the future of the oil and gas industry? How will we adapt to new realities and ongoing challenges? Will we be able to attract and retain talents?

We invite students, PhD students and young specialists not older than 35 years old to participate in Congress!


16th of November

  • 16:00-21:00 - Cultural program

Drilling and Completion
Oil and Gas Field Development
Oil and Gas Logistics, Storage and Transportation
Oil and Gas Chemistry
Health, Safety and Environment
Petroleum Economics and Management
“Smart” technologies
Engineering mechanics
Law Regulation of Oil and Gas Industry
PhD and Young Professionals Paper Contest Upstream
PhD and Young Professionals Paper Contest Midstream
PhD and Young Professionals Paper Contest Downstream
Poster Session
School Section

Technical Sessions

This year’s technical sessions consist of two parts: Poster Session and Paper Session. The works of the speakers will be published in the Book of Abstracts, included in the Russian Science Citation Index (Russian: РИНЦ).


Energy4me is a technical session that makes it possible for pupils to present their scientific research in the Russian language.

This session is divided into 2 directions: Upstream and Downstream. Upstream: oil exploration, drilling, engineering mechanics, geology, machine learning. Downstream: chemistry, economics, law in oil and gas industry, ecology. Moreover, this event provides technical information in energetic, science and technologies, which can be understandable for pupils. It will also be provided with free access to oil & gas knowledge in different languages. There will be a visual learning master class for pupils during the Congress.

Check out our Abstract requirements and guidelines and Formatting Example before submitting yours.

Special technical session
with Saint Petersburg Mining University

This year, together with the Saint Petersburg Mining University, a new technical session “Towards a Sustainable Arctic Region” will be organized within the framework of the Congress "Oil and Gas Horizons" and the Conference "Man in the Arctic". Following the results of the technical session, the best works will be chosen and will be encouraged by publication in Scopus. The abstracts of the remaining participants will be published in the RSCI abstract book of the Congress or Conference, at the discretion of the participant. All participants will receive certificates of participation in both the Congress "Oil and Gas Horizons" and the Conference "Man in the Arctic".

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Another activities

Invitation to the Congress from the Rector of Gubkin University

Room & board

Dear participants of the XIII International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons”!
We will highlight such an important issue as room and board in this section. Each nonresident or foreign participant is provided with free accommodation in the Gubkin University dormitory for free. Besides, during the Congress, you will have free breakfast at the cafe nearby the dormitory. Moreover, lunch, coffe-breaks and dinner will be organized at the university for free too.
Also, transfer to the university from the dormitory will be organized to make your stay in Moscow easier and more comfortable during the Congress.
We are looking forward to meet you all at XIII Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons”!

FAQ and general guidelines

Before visiting us dont forget to read FAQ, abstract requirements and guidelines and Formatting Example before submitting yours.

Registration for Participants

Participants are people who want to represent their research as a part of contest. Please, do not forget that only one person can participate with scientific work, not more. The selection of participants is based on scientific works.


Registration for Delegates

Delegates are those who want to take a part in the congress, but don't have a scientific work. They can attend all events and the Paper Contest as listeners. The selection of the delegates is based on the CVs and motivation letters filled in the paragpah "Why I should be chosen?"


Registration for Guests

Guests are judges of the Paper Contest and PetroOlympic Games and listeners of the Congress. Guests can only attend other events, but do not participate in them.


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